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Date d'inscription : 01/01/1970

MessageSujet: Commandes GM    Mar 20 Juil - 0:58

<BLOCKQUOTE>Citation :!map <mapID> Warps you to map of <mapID>.

!jail <charname> Sends character to Flying Bird?jail(the transportation from
Orbis to Mu Lung), cannot escape.

!jail 2 <charname> Sends character to Zakum jail where they can pay
10,000,000 mesos to escape.

!lolcastle <level> Warps you to Field of Judgment map of <level> (<level> is 1 ?5).

!warp <charname> Warps you to player with <charname>.

!warp <charname> <mapID> Warps player with <charname> to map of <mapID>.

!toggleoffense <offence> Gives player an <offence>:

!warphere <charname> Warps player with <charname> to you.

!spawn <monsterid> <amount> (<hp> <exp> optional)
Spawns <amount> of <monsterid> Optional: Spawn with <hp>
(Amount of hp) and gives <exp> (Amount of exp).

!servermessage <message> Changes the scrolling top message at top of screen to <message>.

!array Shows "Array" in chat box.

!notice <w|c|m> <message> Announces <message> to designated group.
w = to server, c = to channel, m = to map

!notice <w|c|m> [n | p | l | nv | v | b] <message>
Announces <message> to designated group.
n = blue notice, p = dialog notice,
l = white notice, nv = [Notice] in red,
v = red without [Notice], b = blue without [Notice]
nz=pink notice

!job <jobid> Changes your job to the job of <jobid>.

!clock <seconds> Shows "Time Left" Clock. Max is 60
seconds ; Another test command.

!speak <charname> <message> Makes <charname> say what <message> says.

!sex <charname> <amega> <message> Makes <charname> smega with <amega> (cloud, diablo, love) saying <message>.

!lolhaha <charname> Changes <charname> gender.

!pill <amount> Gives <amount> Dexterity Pill.

!item <itemid> <amount> Gives you <amount> of item with <itemid>.

!drop <itemid> <amount> Drops <amount> of item with <itemid>.

!shop Opens GM shop, accessed anywhere.

!equip Opens GM equip shop, accessed anywhere.

!clearshops Reloads shop database.

!cleardrops Reloads drop database, erasing all drops in the map.

!clearevents Reloads events.

!clearquest <questid> Resets quest to "NOT STARTED".

!sp <number> Sets your sp (skill points) to <number>.

!fakerelog Removes you from map and then adds you back to spawn point.

!test Test command, not used.

!dc <charname> Disconnects user (<charname>) from server.

!charinfo Shows Character ID, x and y position, currenthp/maxhp,
currentmp/maxmp Experience, if they are in a party or
trade, if they are connected, and some debug info.

!ban <charname> <reason> Bans <charname> from the server and shows the reason
(<reason>). Bans Account, IP Address and MAC Address.

!levelup Levels you up 1 level.

!whereami Shows the ID of the map you are on.

!version Shows info on the revision that you are using (rev).

!connected Shows number of clients connected to the server in each channel.

!whosthere Shows all players on the map.

!shutdown Gives out a warning that the server is shutting down in one
minute and to log off safely. In one minute, server shuts down.

!shutdownworld Shuts down the world that you are currently in.

!shutdownnow Immediatly shuts down server without a warning.






!killall Kills all monsters on map.

!monsterdebug Shows info of all monsters on map.

!skill <skillid> <level> <masterlevel>
Adds skill points to skill with <skillid> .


!door Creates a door(the Magic Door skill of Priests) ~Test command, will dc if used.

Toggles monster drops on and off for the map you are in.

!lowhp Sets hp to 1 and mp to 500.

!fullhp Gets players maxhp not counting items additions and sets hp
to that (similiar to heal, but only heals hp).

!cheaters Shows all players that are suspected of cheating in chat.

!heal Restores HP and MP to full.

!search <itemname> Tells code for <itemname>.</BLOCKQUOTE>
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